Custom Agent in Jalandhar

Logistics and Shipping, one of the primary needs of Multi-National Manufacturing Companies, has come to become some of the most reached out for services in the recent years with the setting up of start-ups and new businesses. If your company deals with shipment of goods over an International Platform and you are always on the lookout for a genuine Freight forwarder & Customs service provider in Jalandhar, one that gives you flexible Sea and Air route export as well as door to door import shipping options, we got you.

Bringing to you a unified platform for all Shipping and Logistics Services, Samarth Shipping and Logistics Private Limited has made itself into an established name in Jalandhar. We provide all kinds of Logistics services right from shipping to documentation so that you don’t have to take multiple steps and routes to get your work done. Renowned as a Custom service provider in Jalandhar as an International Freight Forwarder, we also bring you services in areas like Custom Clearance (both Sea and Air routes for exports and imports); Cross-trade Shipments; Transportation; and of course, Freight Forwarding. In addition to these, we have three Value Added Services in the area of documentation, namely, Certificate of Origin, Legislation documents from Consulate, and Inspection/Certification for various countries.

Custom Agent in Jalandhar

Let’s have a detailed look at some of these services, so you have a better idea of why we are known among the best lot of Custom service provider in Jalandhar.


Custom Clearance

With services such as this one, businesses are often unsure about factors like customs compliance and regulations, and whether a new vendor would follow the required protocols. Our customized solutions not only follow all regulations and protocols but also helps us cut down on any unnecessary costs, so we can provide the best of services at a nominal price, with minimum taxes and a reduced lead time. Efficiency and quality above all else.

Freight Forwarding

This is inclusive of Import and Export of Air and Sea Cargo, and International Freight Forwarding services. Our systematic manual shipping modes ensure safety of goods and a time-bound structure.


Multimodal Transport services allow us to give you higher-efficiency, optimizing deadlines, cutting back on inventory costs as well as reduce the environmental footprint.

Being one of the very few companies as a Custom service provider in Jalandhar to be associated with the highly reputed Import-Export organization, we promise to bring you the best of international quality shipping in the most convenient ways possible.

Custom Agent in Jalandhar

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